The 4th Edition of the International Scientific Conference COPES 2022 is designed to be a multidisciplinary event, with a maximum impact among attendees. Our goal is to deliver a new convergence of experiences, promoting scientific excellence, offering challenging themes and encourage original research.

There are expected papers which are influential in our fields of interest as well as the transdisciplinary approaches that fill the existing cleavage between the theoretical and empirical pole of knowledge.

We expect papers with transdisciplinary approach, that are related our topic: Post-pandemic challenges to mental health and quality of life.


  • Psychology
  • Education Sciences
  • Social Work

Accepted full papers written in English will be published in The Black Sea Journal of Psychology

Accepted full papers written in Romanian will be published in a book with the proceedings from the conference, at a national publishing house.

The template for English full paper is available here

The template for Romanian full paper is available here

ABSTRACT selection process

  • All submissions are subject to peer-review selection.
  • The submitted Abstract will be reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee, in order to ensure compliance with the specific Conference themes.
  • Each abstract should contain 150 words, briefly outlining all parts of the paper: purpose, methodology, personal contribution, main findings and conclusions.


  • The paper will be evaluated from a technical standpoint, aiming at its connection with the conference topics, editorial requirements (complying with templates available on Guidelines section), citation system, the structure of the paper etc.
  • The paper will go through the peer review system and its scientific quality will be evaluated by the members of the Scientific committee.
  • After the evaluation of the paper (technical and scientific assessment), the authors will be informed about the decision of the evaluators. Any changes/observations or comments will be communicated to the authors in due time, as a condition for publication.
  • Completed papers will then be sent by authors to the Conference e-mail address. The final version of the paper will be analysed by the Scientific committee and then submitted for publication.
  • The results of the second evaluation may be one of the following: paper accepted, paper accepted with amendments or paper rejected.
  • If a member of the scientific committee rejects the manuscript and the second one accepts it, the work will be evaluated by a third member as the mediator, who will take the final decision.


A manuscript publication must consider at least the following aspects:

  • The avoidance of the risk of plagiarism and respect for intellectual property.
  • Respect for the rights of human subjects in research.
  • The identification of and dealing with allegations of research misconduct.
  • The identification of and dealing with manipulations of citations.
  • The disclosure of any conflicts of interest.
  • Withdrawal from the distribution of publications.